ZOOM: Is it safe, and other FAQ

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We have had a very queries about ZOOM on our various platforms that we thought we should address in order to assist you to be informed. We hope this info will help you.

I’ve read articles that say Zoom is unsafe. Is that true?

It’s always a good idea to make sure any software you use is secure. To that end, Zoom has had a few issues in the past few days with the increase of online Zoom meet links being shared. However, they have quickly resolved these issues and put stricter security measures in place. Specifically, all Eastside meetings require a password to enter, and the host will manually allow attendees into the meeting. If you want to know more about the security upgrades, read Zoom’s press release here

I’m terrible with Technology – should I give Zoom a skip?

Wrong! Zoom is so easy, that it caters for different levels of users. We’ve tried to outline how you can experience our Zoom meetings here:

Option 1: The Complete Noob
If you really don’t know how to do pretty much anything online – this option is a great one for you. When you click the Zoom link on your email, it will open a page on your browser (a browser is Internet Explorer, or Chrome, or Safari) – When it asks you if you want to download or open Zoom, press Cancel – then click the “Start from your Browser” button

Zoom will then open Online and you can click the “Join audio by audio” button to use the Microphone on your computer; or Click “Phone Call” and use the phone number to dial in using your phone.

Option 2: The Slight Noob
If you know how to install a programme on your computer or phone, this is a good option for you. Go to www.zoom.com and download the Zoom app onto your computer, then register an account. When we have a meeting, click the link and the browser will open up asking if you want to open Zoom. Click the ” Open Zoom” button

The meeting will open on your screen, and once the host lets you in, you will need to do two things to engage properly in the meeting: Unmute your mic, and activate your camera. You can do both of those on the bottom left of the screen.

Option 3: I know what I’m doing!
Great! Find someone struggling, and help them out.

When can I join a Zoom meeting?

There are quite a few opportunities to join a Zoom hangout:


Join us at 08:30 for a Zoom hangout before the service where the pastors will connect with you briefly, and we will pray together. You can click here to get onto that Zoom.

Then, the teens hangout after the morning service for a catchup and some fun. If you’re a teen, click here to join that hangout

After our 18:30 service, we have another Zoom hangout with some connecting and trivia games. Click here to join us.


Join us from 18:00-19:00 for a one-hour prayer meeting. Click here to join. (Please join from 17:50, as we would like to start praying promptly at 18:00)


Join our Teens at 19:00 for a Youth Hangout on Zoom by clicking here.


Our Life Groups are meeting on Zoom while we are on lock-down. To find a Life Group, visit http://bit.ly/ECClifegroups

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