I’m new to Eastside

Where and how to start

New to Eastside?

Hello and welcome to our church website. We love hearing of people like yourself who make their way to our site. Here you will find useful information about what we believe, our mission as a church, what we get up to on Sundays and between Sundays, and a little more.

Our real hope is that we could meet you face to face! If you’ve visited Eastside already, or if you’re still planning on coming for the first time, please let one of the pastors or Welcome Team members know that you’re a visitor next time you are at Eastside.

We exist to transform the capital city and beyond in such a way that people experience salvation, and begin to live a full Christian life; bringing salvation and hope to the broken hearted, the poor and destitute.

Our Vision

What makes Eastside
the church for you?

Eastside may not be the church for you, but we would love for you to visit and decide for yourself. You’ll soon find that Eastside is the church for you if you are looking for a medium sized church (around 300) with a relaxed atmosphere filled with the laughter of children, meaningful worship and biblical teaching. If you’d like to find out more about our mission, our values and what we believe, please Click Here.

What type of church
is Eastside?

As our name indicates, we are we are a community church and are defined not by our denomination (though we are a member of the Baptist Union of South Africa) but by our passion for all people in our community. We are excited about  journeying with all types of people from all backgrounds, races and generations. So whatever your church background, and especially if you do not have one, we would be honoured to host you at Eastside. Our community is so important to us. One of the best ways to be a part of this community is to join a Life Group. To find out more about our Life Groups click here

Thinking of visiting?

We’re so glad you’re considering visiting us! Below are a few commonly asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to send us a message or give us a call at (012) 998 2877 or email [email protected] if you have any questions before you come

How do I get there?
We are located on the corner of Garsfontein and Primula streets in Moreleta Park. You’ll find our building easily by looking for a three story building with a glass front (our office block), a soccer field and barn-like auditorium.

What should I wear?
Our church has a “come as you are” atmosphere. You will see some dressed up and some dressed casually.

Are my children welcome?
We have a team waiting for your children to make sure they have a great time at Eastide’s children church. If you have a very little one, we have a very comfortable parents’ room where you can enjoy the service with other moms and dads with “under 2’s”


09:00 – Morning Service &
Children’s Church
17:00 – Student Service @ Hatfield Campus


Find us at 850 Primula Street
Moreleta Park, Pretoria
(On the corner of Primula
And Garsfontein Roads)

What should I expect?

One of the most important questions you may have is ‘what will happen at your church’.  We hope to give you peace of mind by answering that question here.

When you arrive at Eastside, you will see some activity outside our building. Teens will be gathering, usually with a pancake in hand, before going to our ‘TeenChurch’ venue.  Adults will be taking their children to children’s church where they will be securely checked in.  Others will be gathering at our kitchen hatch for a pre-service tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

A member of our ‘Welcome Team’ will be at the door to welcome you, give you a printed version of our ‘Bulletin’ (with all the info you may need for the week ahead) as well as a visitor pack if you are visiting for the first time.  (Please let the Welcome Team know if it’s your first time at Eastside).

Once you are inside you will see a relaxed environment with about 350 chairs set up.  You are more than welcome to sit in any seat you would like to – no chairs are reserved at Eastside. If you have children under 2, you are welcome to make yourself comfortable in the parents’ room instead, where you can see what is happening in the auditorium and hear everything through the specially provided sound system in the room.

You will know the service has started when you hear the Worship Leader welcome the church and start our time of congregational singing. If you are not comfortable singing along with us, you are welcome to just listen! The songs that will be sung can be considered ‘current’ and our sound includes instruments such as drums, electric guitar, piano as well as some pre-recorded instruments.

After about 20minutes of singing and prayer, one of our pastors will share what’s happening in the Life of Eastside and let everyone know about forthcoming events and opportunities where you can be involved.

Because we are passionate about people who do not know Jesus, you will hear us speaking a lot about unchurched people.  We always encourage our Eastside family to find new ways of serving, encouraging and loving people that are not part of our church family simply so that the love of Jesus can be experienced in all parts of society.

A financial offering will be collected – but please know that we do not expect you, as a visitor, to contribute anything financial to Eastside! This is an opportunity for those who call Eastside ‘home’ to be financially involved in what we do as a church.

Finally, one of our preachers will preach a biblically sound message of around 25-30minutes, before people gather at the back of the church for tea and coffee and to meet new friends.  Please join us at our ‘Connect Cafe’ for a cappuccino if you are visiting Eastside for the first time. We would love to meet you!