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Eastside Community Church’s worship ministry is a group of individuals passionate about using the tool of music to express their love for God, and to facilitate meaningful encounters with Him.

At Eastside, we try to be relevant in meeting the congregation with biblical truth, on relevant grounds, meaning we introduce new songs, media, and trends regularly in order to speak on a cultural level with the congregation.

Would You Like To Serve
In The ECC Worship Ministry?

We’re always looking for gifted and dedicated believers to join and serve in the area of worship. This consists of all the people that are involved in practically making it happen, including but not limited to: musicians, worship leaders, sound crew, media team, lighting techs and logistics.

We would love to set up an appointment for you to audition to be part of the ECC Worship Ministry.  To assist us, please:

1. Download the Spiritual Information document to understand what be believe spiritually about worship

2. Download the Practical Information document to understand how we function as a team practically

3. Fill out our google form by clicking here so we can arrange an interview.

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