Change the World

Join a Serving Team

Why join a Serving Team?

God has given every Christian a mandate and a gift: He has equipped us to change the world. At Eastside we have teams where you can use your passions, abilities and God-given gifts to help others experience church in a way that makes them feel at home.

How to join a Serving Team

Browse the list of Ministries below, and if you find one you think you'll enjoy, click the button to contact the Ministry leader who will help you with all the information you need to exploring if this is the right team for you. If you need any help finding a place to get involved, please let us know via the Connect Card.


Contact Josh

Team Lead: Josh Olusegan

Coffee is the love language of our generation! Our Barista's serve before and after services and events to provide great coffee drinks to our church family, after being trained by an award-winning barista.


Contact Fransie

Team Lead: Fransie O'Brien

Our 9am services are streamed live on Youtube, and our Church Online team help connect with online attendees by sharing information, making them feel welcome, and keeping in contact with our in-house tech team.


Contact Fransie

Team Lead: Fransie O'Brien

Our Connect Team have the privilege of making people feel welcome at Eastside. Our Connect Team have greeters at the door, help people find a seat, direct families to the Kids Min area, and connect with visitors after the service


Contact Robyn

Team Lead: Robyn Becker

We love to see children starting their journey with Christ in a fun, meaningful and engaging way. The Kids' Ministry Team at Eastside is made up of volunteers who teach; do setup; care for babies during services; help with check-ins; serve as security and more


Contact Josh

Team Lead: Josh Olusegan

Every Sunday our outdoor facility is transformed into a welcoming space with tables, chairs, umbrellas etc. Our Setup team helps move tables and chairs from the hall to the outdoor area to create space where people can enjoy community in a special way.


Contact Jason

Team Lead: Jason Watson

There are 2 specific times of ministry to teenagers in the life of the church: Friday night youth programmes, and Sunday morning Teen Church. Our Teen Ministry volunteers create fun and engaging environments for teenagers to grow in their journey with Christ and each other.


Contact Mark

Team Lead: Mark Odendaal

One of the best ways to respond to the goodness of God is to worship! Our Worship Team consists of volunteers who can play instruments, sing, or operate sound and visual equipment