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Doing Life Together

What is a Life Group?

Church is so much more than the hour and a half on Sunday – church is about doing life together. A typical ‘Life Group’ at Eastside consists of around 10-12 people from all works of life who meet together in a home. Every Life Group has a unique ‘flavour’ – some lean a little more towards being predominantly social, with some prayer and scripture reading; while others have extended periods of bible study with a little bit of social life. Some are focussed on a particular phase of life (for example, young families) while others have a great mix of people.  Some life groups meet weekly, while others meet every second week, or even once a month. All this means one thing:  there is a Life Group for you!

How to
join a Life group

Below you will find a list of our current Life Groups, detailing the area where they meet, some information about the group, and a contact link for the leader.

If a Life Group below seems like it would be a good fit, click to contact the Leader and let him/her know that you would like to visit the group.  The leader will help you with all the information you need, and make you feel at home at the group.

If after having a look at the list below or visiting a Life Group, you’re still not sure which Life Group is for you, please let us know via the contact form – we’d love to help you find the perfect Life Group.


Ladies Life Group
On a Sunday morning after church

This is a ladies Life Group that meets on a Sunday morning after the service has ended. We meet in the boardroom on the third floor. All ladies are welcome to join

Life Group Leaders: Jeanne Theron

Click Here To Contact Jeanne


Mixed Life Group
On a Tuesday at 19:00

Our multicultral group gets together at 7pm on Tuesdays in Grootfontein Country Estate. Our members are quite diverse (some with adult children and some with pre schoolers or single adults). We welcome anyone in our community even if they do not attend a specific church. Our focus is to worship our Father together, to learn from one another and to carry each other’s burdens through prayer and practical support.

Life Group Leaders: Pieta & Hanlie Nel

Click Here To Contact Hanlie


Young Adults
On a Tuesday at 18:30

This is a Life Group for young adults who enjoy doing life together. Rumour has it, the host sometimes has to call time out as the group will never leave if they aren’t reminded to.

Life Group Leaders: Dave and Gina Roebuck

Click Here To Contact Dave


Family Frenzy

Meets first Friday of the month at ECC at 7pm

Third Sunday of the month 12pm

Members of this group might come from many different cultures, backgrounds and nationalities, but enjoy bonding over one common experience – the busyness of life with kids! One Friday night a month, we share in a time of Bible Study and prayer at the church (the small kids enjoy a movie together, and teens go to youth group). On the third Sunday of the month, we gather together at somebody’s home to share a meal and time of fellowship.

Life Group Leaders: Belinda and Herman Lamprecht

Click Here To Contact Belinda


Ladies Life Group
on a Wednesday at 19:00

This is a ladies Life Group that welcomes women in all seasons of life. We believe that it is possible for younger women to encourage older women and older women to share life experience with younger women.

Life Group Leader: Trudy Straub

Click Here To Contact Trudy


Mixed Life Group
Meets on a Wednesday at 19:00

This is a life group consisting of more mature members who share their lives in spiritual and social contexts.

Life Group Leader: John Robertson

Click Here To Contact John


Rotating Life Group
Meets on a Wednesday at 19:00

This is a Life Group for families with young school going children and teenagers.

Life Group Leader: Andrew & Laura Neil

Click Here To Contact Laura


Young Professionals Life Group
Meets every Wednesday at 19:00

Young Adults in their early career years or early family building years will feel very welcome in this fun, energetic Life Group. Currently only married couples attend, some with kids and some without, but anyone in this phase of life is welcome to be part of this family.

Life Group Leader: Mark and Paula Schefermann

Click Here To Contact MARK


Family Friendly Life Group
Meets on a Wednesday at 18:45

This is a Life Group for families with young kids. The group meets once a month for supper before Life Group and encourages kids to come along. If kids are at Life Group, they try to end by 8:30pm at the latest.

Life Group Leader: Dave Crewe-Brown

Click Here To Contact Dave


Life Group Meets at Eastside Community Church
Meets on a Wednesday at 19:00

This group meets together each week at the church. Children are welcome, though not many attend with their parents.

Life Group Leaders: Lloyd Munday

Click Here To Contact Lloyd


Meets on a Wednesday at 19:00

The ‘Students’ Life Group meets at Eastside with our youth pastor for a time of connecting and preparing for the next phase of their young adult life.

Life Group Leaders: Jason Watson

Click Here To Contact Jason


Meets on a Wednesday at 19:00

You’ll love getting together at this Paul Street home as a group of young adults get together for prayer, hanging out and some great discussion.

Life Group Leaders: John Lewis

Click Here To Contact John


Meets on a Wednesday at 19:00

This is a Life Group for families with school children of all ages. Although kids do not attend weekly, we enjoy bringing the whole family together for a meal regularly.

Life Group Leaders: Andreas Angelides

Click Here To Contact Andreas


Meets on a Thursday at 19:30

This Life Group covers a mix of generations, with ages ranging from the mid 20’s to the early 60’s. The group takes their studies of the bible seriously, but also enjoys getting together socially.

Life Group Leaders: Phil & Yvonne Short

Click Here To Contact Phil
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